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Primary Care Physician

Primary Care

“Primary” or general health care is provided by physicians who specialize in family practice, pediatrics (childhood), or internal (adult) medicine.

Choosing a primary care provider is an important part of your care, and we encourage you to designate one at the health center you use. Hudson Headwaters is a nationally recognized “patient-centered medical home,” a team-based approach to providing primary care. Your care team is a partnership between you, your chosen primary care provider, nurses, support staff and other health care professionals. Together, the team uses evidence-based guidelines to meet your specific health care needs. The care team also provides the tools that enable you to better self-manage your health and coordinates your care when you need to see specialists or enter the hospital.

We believe that prevention is the best health care strategy. It includes your routine check-up, immunizations for preventable diseases, lifestyle changes (quitting smoking, eating better, exercising), and screening tests based on age and gender (like mammograms and prostate exams). Each year, Hudson Headwaters provides 35,000 immunizations to prevent flu, hepatitis, pneumonia, tetanus, HPV and other diseases. Thanks to these programs, most youngsters never get measles, mumps or rubella, and adults may avoid contracting certain cancers.

    • Family Practice
    • Screenings
    • Internal Medicine and Geriatric Care
    • Women’s Health Care
    • Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
    • Minor Surgery
    • Teen Awareness Program
    • Inpatient/Hospital Visits
    • Preventive Medicine
    • Nursing Home Visits
    • Physicals
    • Home Care
    • Immunizations
    • Nutritional and Dietary Counseling
    • Diabetes Education

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