Arts in Health at Hudson Headwaters

Hudson Headwaters views creativity and contemplation as key components of wellness and as drivers of innovation. The Network’s art collection provides an outlet for introspection and inspiration and encourages a dialogue about our collective human experience. It has become a symbol for one of Hudson Headwaters’ philosophies: that incorporating art into the health care environment is an important way of caring for the whole being. Learn more about Hudson Headwaters’ Arts in Health program in the 2023 spring Hudson Headwaters Health magazine.

Explore the Art Collection Online

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring our online art collection where you’ll find a wide variety of artwork, the majority of which have been donated by generous members of our community. The collection includes photographs, oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media drawings, screen-printing on wood, digital artwork, watercolors, illustrations, paper cutouts, prints, oil pastels and more. Click the “collections” menu to find artwork at your health center or search by a particular artist.  You can also explore the entire collection by scrolling through the pages below or by clicking here to open the collection in a new window.

Our Art Collection