Masks are currently optional for staff, patients and visitors of Hudson Headwaters Health Network facilities. We ask that you wear a mask if you have respiratory symptoms, fever or a rash. Masks are available free of charge at all health centers.

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Health Equity Impact Assessments & Certificates of Need

At Hudson Headwaters Health Network, our mission is to provide the best health care, and access to that care, for everyone in our communities. We are guided by our vision to pioneer an innovative, sustainable and community-focused health system through comprehensive primary care and diverse partnerships.

Per New York State’s requirement, Health Equity Impact Assessments (HEIA) and Certificates of Need (CON) for proposed projects are posted below.

Click the links below to review the HEIA documents and Certificate of Need for Hudson Headwaters Health Network’s proposed project in Salem, NY:

Salem HEIA Report

Salem HEIA Requirement Criteria

Salem HEIA Conflict of Interest

Salem HEIA Tables

Salem CON