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Ryan White Program (HIV/AIDS)

Named for HIV/AIDS activist Ryan White, this program offers testing, primary care, support and assistance for people and families living with HIV/AIDS.

The Hudson Headwaters Ryan White Program is a federally funded grant program staffed by a team working with people living with HIV/AIDS, providing community education, awareness and prevention and offering screening testing, linkage to care, early intervention services and more.

Screening Services

The Ryan White Program promotes HIV testing as a standard screening test for all. We offer free, confidential, rapid HIV and Hepatitis C testing through private appointments at our program office and at Hudson Headwaters health centers, community agencies, college campuses, health departments, county jails and community events. HIV self-test kits are available in certain situations.

Prevention Services

Prevention of disease is always the first-line strategy for health management. We offer:

  • HIV, Hepatitis C and STD prevention education on a one-to-one basis during testing, at schools and colleges, at agencies working with high-risk individuals and for in-service staff trainings for community organizations.
  • PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prevention) and PEP (Post-Exposure Prevention) medication prescribing and guidance.
  • Free Condoms and dental dams are available. Please call 518-415-9220 for more information.

Early Intervention

Treatment and engagement in care is the best way to manage any disease. We offer:

  • Assistance with confirmatory lab testing
  • Linkage to specialty providers
  • Guidance with insurance and medication assistance programs
  • Connection to information, education, mental wellness support and peer support
  • Rapid Start treatment

NEW! HIV Self-Test Kits

Free, Fast Results, Confidential
The Ryan White program is now offering self-test kits for those who believe they may have been exposed to HIV or are at high-risk for exposure through sexual activity or sharing injection drugs. These kits are free, rapid HIV testing kits for personal use at home. Available to any resident in Essex, Hamilton, Warren, Washington and Saratoga counties, you do not need to be a Hudson Headwaters patient.

  • These kits can be picked up or delivered – to be determined on an individual basis – and include the Oraquick test kit, health information pamphlets, contact card, and some fun stuff: stress ball, fun putty, fun figures, and condoms, all in a discrete plain brown paper bag.
  • Before receiving your kit, individuals will engage in a brief review of testing, risk reduction counseling and registration.
  • To qualify for a self-test kit, individuals must register via phone, text, or email and agree to report results to contact. We are also readily available to answer questions.
  • The test is an oral swab with step by step directions (for more information visit and takes 20 minutes. Tester must be sure not to eat or drink anything including smoking, gum, candy, etc. for at least 15 minutes prior to the swab.
  • After reporting your results, including a photo of your test results, to your Ryan White contact you will receive a $10 Stewart’s card!
  • In the event of a reactive test the Ryan White Program will immediately assist by providing lab order for a confirmatory test, support and test counseling, and appointment with a specialist provider with the goal of same day treatment start, and a review of and assistance with insurance coverage for medications and appointments.

If interested in receiving a Self-Test Kit, call or text Joan Dupper at 518-415-9220 or email at


    • Specialty Providers
    • Specialty Nursing
    • Treatment and Medication Management, including Rapid Start
    • Lab
    • PCP In-Network
    • Referrals as Needed
    • Pharmacy

    • Insurance Assistance and Referrals
    • NYS Uninsured Programs
    • Medication Assistance and Management
    • Housing Assistance
    • Dental Care Management and Assistance
    • Food Resources
    • Agency Resources and Referrals

    • Engagement in Care for New Patients
    • Maintaining a Care Visit Schedule
    • Supporting Treatment Adherence
    • Education and Information

    • Patient Support Group
    • Hudson Headwaters Counseling Providers
    • Referral to Community Behavioral Health Resources
    • Educational Workshops

    • U=U
    • Testing as a Vital Sign
    • Community Education
    • Empowerment