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Hudson Headwaters Health Magazine

Improving your health, and your family’s, starts with staying informed. Hudson Headwaters Health is a print and digital magazine focusing on wellness and prevention. You can pick up your free print copy at any one of Hudson Headwaters’ 23 health center locations in the Adirondack North Country and Glens Falls region or read the digital version below. Magazine article topics range from diet and exercise to mental health to dealing with chronic health issues and are written by expert Hudson Headwaters providers, partners, and staff. Each issue is packed with health-related resources that are available to our patients and supporters in Warren County and parts of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Saratoga and Washington counties. No matter your interests or health concerns, there is an article for you. We hope that you’ll take time to read, learn and explore the opportunities available to you to improve your health.

Take a look inside our Spring/Summer 2020 issue:

CEO Tucker Slingerland, M.D., shares his thoughts on COVID-19 and the ways Hudson Headwaters is adapting

Coping with Change with Colleen Quinn, M.D., Chief of Medical Education and Wellness
Learn about the importance of self-care during a crisis

Telehealth is Here!
Patients and providers embrace new telehealth visits at Hudson Headwaters

Providing Age-Friendly Health Care with Help from the Hartford Foundation
Learn how seniors can benefit from the “4ms,” a shift in care that emphasizes overall wellness and strength rather than solely on disease management

Health Foundation News
The Charles R. Wood Foundation grants $1 million to launch Hudson Headwaters’ mobile health program

Special Insert: Hudson Headwaters Community Report

The Power of Pets with Dr. Jeremy Di Bari
Learn about the health benefits of pets and what health problems pets and humans have in common

For Seniors: Overcoming Roadblocks to Healthy Eating
Read about ways to follow through on making smart food choices

The Many Layers of Grief with Holly S. Spire, LCSW
Holly shares her personal experiences with grief and suggests ways to cope

How to Prepare for Long-Term Care with Dr. Michael Miles
Learn how to navigate changes in living situations as you age

Art in Health
Read an interview with Carl Heilman, II, Adirondack Photographer

Staff Smiles
See Hudson Headwaters staff in action

Fall 2019 Magazine Cover

Take a look inside our Fall 2019/Winter 2020 issue:

CEO Tucker Slingerland, M.D., shares why it’s important to invest in the health of future generations

Saratoga Hospital Partnership
New urgent care and pulmonology specialty care will be available to all

Caring For Future Generations: First School-Based Health Center Opens
Hadley-Luzerne Student Health provides comprehensive primary care for students in grades K-12

How To Choose a Pediatrician
One of the first decisions you’ll make as a parent is an important one

Let’s Talk Parent Workshops
Wish you could better communicate with your teen on reproductive health?

What Can My Family and I Do to Encourage a Healthy Weight?
Learn ways to maintain a healthy weight and help prevent childhood obesity

Dining Out with Diabetes
Having diabetes doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy dining out

Art in Health
Read about collaborations with The World Awareness Children’s Museum, The Hyde Collection and Saratoga Arts

Staff Smiles
Hudson Headwaters staff in action

Take a look inside our Spring/Summer 2019 issue:

CEO Tucker Slingerland, M.D. inspires staff and patients to stay active and lead a healthy life

New Health Center
Plattsburgh Family Health opens its doors to new patients

Go Play! It’s Good for Your Health
The Adirondacks are an optimal location to be outdoors, exercise and have fun. Learn about the importance of staying active

Hudson Headwaters Community Report

Try Warren County’s New Recreation Mapper
Venture off the beaten path and find free recreation opportunities

Responsible Recreation On Your Public Lands
The ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) shares how to recreate responsibly while visiting New York State’s parks, wildlands and waters

Explore the Adirondack Coast
Visit Plattsburgh City Beach, the second-largest freshwater beach in the US

Hudson Headwaters 5K
First-time 5K runner and heart attack survivor inspires you to try our Couch to 5K program and join us on July 28

Doc Talk
Hear from two Hudson Headwaters providers about how they are making a difference here and around the world

Staff Smiles
Hudson Headwaters staff in action

Magazine Cover Fall 2018

Take a look inside our Fall 2018/Winter 2019 issue:

CEO Tucker Slingerland, M.D. introduces team-based care and shares how it enhances the patient and provider experience

A Beautiful Reminder of Unifying Power of Sports
Despite fierceness on the field and language barriers, sports unite us

Ryan White HIV Program
New York State is leading the nation with its End the Epidemic initiative

Squad Goals
What’s so great about team-based care? The new way of practicing medicine makes you the star of your own health care squad

Palliative Care Expansion
Services now available at Warrensburg Health Center, local nursing homes and Glens Falls Hospital

The Jefferson Project
Discover how the world’s most advanced environmental monitoring system is at work protecting the health of Lake George

Meet Hudson Headwaters’ First Neuropsychiatrist
Learn how neuropsychiatry can help with migraine treatment

Rooted in Community
Discover how the ADK Foundation supports programs that strengthen the health of our local communities

Health Foundation
Learn how innovation grants advance Hudson Headwaters mission; meet 2018 Community Champions

Arts in Health
Be inspired by art purchased for the Women’s Health Center at 90 South St.

In Our Community
Hudson Headwaters staff out and about

Hudson Headwaters Health Magazine Spring/Summer 2018 Issue Cover

Take a look inside our 2018 spring/summer issue:

CEO Tucker Slingerland, M.D. on the importance of partnerships to help improve the health of a population

Hear from some of Hudson Headwaters’ partners about our new population health initiatives

What is Population Health?
Learn how primary care is the best place to learn about the needs of the entire community and deliver services to the whole population

Food as Medicine
Get inspired by the story of a local Adirondack “Farmacy” that’s making healthy food accessible to all

Tick Prevention
Ticks don’t have to ruin your time in the great outdoors

Opioid Alternative
Have you heard about Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM)?

Pediatric Safety
Take proper precautionary steps to keep your children safe outside

Volunteer Work
Hudson Headwaters’ providers address root causes of chronic disease in Guatemala

Women’s Health 
Your Hudson Headwaters’ OB/GYN providers address women’s mental health conditions and solutions

Health Foundation
Join us! Invest in the future of women’s health in our region

Art Therapy
Discover works from more than 30 artists from New York and beyond at Hudson Headwaters’ health centers

Hudson Headwaters Health, Issue 1 Magazine Cover

Take a look inside our 2017-2018 fall/winter issue:

CEO Tucker Slingerland, M.D., on how improving lives and innovation intersect

New Faces
Meet Hudson Headwaters’ new providers and learn how we’re training the next generation of physicians

Caring for the Whole Self
Discover ways to improve your mental and physical health

The Opioid Epidemic
Learn how Hudson Headwaters is tackling the crisis in our community

New Treatments for Hepatitis C
Read how our primary care providers are curing patients with Hep-C

Support for Patients with Serious Illnesses
Palliative care brings peace of mind to patients and their caregivers

Food as Medicine
Are you at risk for diabetes? Take the assessment test to find out (page 25) and get motivated to reach your nutrition and fitness goals

Youth Sports and Concussions
Learn about recommendations and facts to avoid brain injury

In Our Community
Join us at community events and learn about ways to give back by volunteering or leaving a legacy

Art Therapy
See how we are incorporating art into the health care environment