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Spring/Summer 2020 Issue Providing Age-Friendly Health Care with Help from the Hartford Foundation

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CEO Tucker Slingerland, M.D., shares his thoughts on COVID-19 and the ways Hudson Headwaters is adapting.

Coping with Change with Colleen Quinn, M.D., Chief of Medical Education and Wellness

Learn about the importance of self-care during a crisis.

Telehealth is Here!

Patients and providers embrace new telehealth visits at Hudson Headwaters.

Providing Age-Friendly Health Care with Help from the Hartford Foundation

Learn how seniors can benefit from the “4ms,” a shift in care that emphasizes overall wellness and strength rather than solely on disease management.

Health Foundation News

The Charles R. Wood Foundation grants $1 million to launch Hudson Headwaters’ mobile health program.

Special Insert: Hudson Headwaters Community Report

The Power of Pets with Dr. Jeremy Di Bari

Learn about the health benefits of pets and what health problems pets and humans have in common.

For Seniors: Overcoming Roadblocks to Healthy Eating

Read about ways to follow through on making smart food choices.

The Many Layers of Grief with Holly S. Spire, LCSW

Holly shares her personal experiences with grief and suggests ways to cope.

How to Prepare for Long-Term Care with Dr. Michael Miles

Learn how to navigate changes in living situations as you age.

Art in Health

Read an interview with Carl Heilman, II, Adirondack Photographer.

Staff Smiles

See Hudson Headwaters staff in action.