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Hudson Headwaters to Offer Palliative Care at West Mountain Health Services

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Hudson Headwaters will offer outpatient palliative care at West Mountain Health Services, Building 1, on Carey Road in Queensbury.  Palliative care services  are scheduled to start on Monday, September 26 th, in a new suite that was recently constructed for this purpose.

Hudson Headwaters has offered palliative care at Glens Falls Hospital for the past several years, along with home consultations and at nursing homes. The services now being offered at West Mountain Building 1 are an extension of that effort.

provider giving palliative care services“While there are many palliative care programs in hospitals in the United States, there are relatively few that have an outpatient component,” said Suzanne Blood, MD, director of geriatric care services.  “We are excited to have a comfortable new office that is specifically designed for patients and their families to meet with their care team.  We are looking forward to providing palliative care across the continuum of care.”

Blood said that the palliative care approach can benefit anyone with serious, chronic illnesses like cancer, emphysema and congestive heart failure.  It focuses on easing the suffering that goes along with serious illness, such as pain, nausea and shortness of breath.  “Palliative care can make a big difference for people, not just in their last days, but over months and years.” Blood said.

A big part of the palliative care approach is to help people determine what they want from their care and to plan accordingly. “Palliative care is very individualized,” said Patricia Auer, DNP, the lead clinical provider on the palliative care team.  “We focus on goals that the patient and family identify as most important to their quality of life.”

Outpatient Palliative Care is beneficial at any age, for any diagnosis at any stage, and is provided in conjunction with an individual’s current treatment plan.  It can include attention to symptom management, pain management, and behavioral health needs related to a serious illness.  In addition to medical considerations, palliative care addresses the psychosocial and spiritual elements of care.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call (518) 798-1859.