Masks are currently optional for staff, patients and visitors of Hudson Headwaters Health Network facilities. We ask that you wear a mask if you have respiratory symptoms, fever or a rash. Masks are available free of charge at all health centers.

Hudson Headwaters Health Network
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Volunteering at Hudson Headwaters

From its early roots in the late 1970s, Hudson Headwaters has developed and maintained a deep and abiding connection to and respect for the communities it serves in Upstate NY, and the devoted volunteers who guide, fundraise, help and advise us.

Ways to Volunteer

Boards of Directors

Hudson Headwaters Health Network relies on the resources and dedication of our many volunteers who contribute to the mission of the organization. These volunteers include those who participate on our Hudson Headwaters Board of Directors, the Health Foundation Board of Directors, and the Community Advisory Committees that advise us throughout the Network’s service are. Learn more here

Patient Advisory Councils

In addition to our boards of directors, we also have Patient Advisory Councils. These are small groups of health center patients who gather together to discuss and provide feedback to Hudson Headwaters’ planning and operations staff, helping to ensure that our health services meet the needs and priorities of our patients.