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Incorporating Art Into the Health Care Environment

The Hudson Headwaters Art Collection contains artwork from more than 30 artists from New York and beyond. Hudson Headwaters is indebted to both the generosity of artists who have loaned work and to the patrons who have come forward to establish some of that work as a permanent enhancement of our health centers. The artwork seen here can be found at our Warrensburg Health Center and at West Mountain Health Services, Buildings 1 & 2 in Queensbury.

“I believe in the healing presence of art in our everyday lives, whether as a path to see something familiar in a new way or to momentarily transport us to a totally different place altogether, and that incorporating art into the health care environment is a way of caring about the whole being.” -Victoria Palermo, volunteer curator and fine artist

To learn more about each artist and their work, please visit the Hudson Headwaters Flickr photo album and click on each image.

Hudson Headwaters Health Center Space + Art Collection

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