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Men’s Health Month

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It’s Men’s Health Month!

Typically, men do not access health care services as frequently as women, but they still suffer from certain health conditions.

As early detection and prevention can make a big difference in both quality of life and life expectancy, we encourage you to speak with your health care provider (or encourage the men in your life to speak with theirs) about the following:

  • Cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure, sleep apnea (snoring) and heart disease
  • Urinary tract problems like frequent urination and waking at night
  • Gastrointestinal problems like heartburn and recurrent abdominal pain
  • Depression and frequent irritability
  • Colon cancer
  • Prostate cancer

For more information on men’s health and recommended screenings, click here.

An annual visit is a good chance to talk through the risk factors. Call your Health Center or visit for your health center’s information to schedule an annual visit today!