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Launch Of Food Farmacy Pilot Program

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Grant and community partnership fund whole-food approach to nutrition and lifestyle change among pilot group of consumers diagnosed with diabetes.

Queensbury, N.Y. – Supported by a $175,000 Innovation Grant from Adirondack Health Institute, Hudson Headwaters Health Network, in partnership with Comfort Food Community, announces the launch of a Food Farmacy program. This year-long pilot program will offer education and access to fresh produce to a group of healthcare consumers learning to better manage their diabetes.

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Hudson Headwaters will recruit and enroll individuals who have diabetes, and meet other program requirements, into the program. From that point, the network’s care managers and nutritionist—supported by a team of additional healthcare professionals—will work with each program participant to tailor dietary guidelines specifically for their condition, medications, lifestyle and goals.

The Comfort Food Community, in collaboration with local farms, will then assist each participant in obtaining the foods “prescribed” for them and managing their progress. Participants will develop knowledge and skills in five important areas that support healthy eating habits:

  • Familiarity with seasonal produce to save money while increasing the quality and variety of fruits and vegetables on the table
  • Storage and preservation options to reduce food waste and make the most of vital nutrients even in the off-season
  • Cooking techniques to make tasty meals and make vitamins and minerals easy for the body to absorb and use
  • Nutrition information to help consumers understand how foods affect their health
  • A focus on the mindset that supports healthy food choices and lifestyle changes

The pilot program will run through 2019. Program staff will evaluate the results of the pilot to determine the possibility of wider adoption in the future.