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Partnership with Saratoga Hospital to Bring Pulmonology Specialists to Queensbury

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QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (July 24, 2019) – Hudson Headwaters Health Network will begin a renovation project on the lower level of West Mountain Family Health 2 to create additional clinical space for pulmonologists from Saratoga Hospital Medical Group to establish a local office.

The establishment of this specialty space will ensure that those within the region have improved access to this important care locally, without having to travel.

Construction will begin within the next couple weeks and is expected to be complete in late fall. The organizations are working to determine exactly how many days each week the pulmonologist will be on-site at the West Mountain Health Services building 2 location. Scheduling details will be finalized over the next couple months.

According to Tucker Slingerland, MD, CEO of Hudson Headwaters Health Network, the ability to offer pulmonology in the local region is incredibly important. “Providers at West Mountain Family Health 2 care for many patients with advanced respiratory conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema and other conditions that make breathing difficult for patients,” he said. “Respiratory issues can dramatically decrease patients’ quality of life; and these conditions require specific expertise to manage them effectively. We are excited to partner with Saratoga Hospital to bring this service on-site.”

The partnership is the organizations’ second collaborative effort. Since 2018, Hudson Headwaters and Saratoga Hospital have worked together to provide access to diabetes care for patients in the North Country.

Local health care organizations such as Hudson Headwaters and Saratoga Hospital continually work together to identify gaps in services, and to provide these services, whenever possible. Hudson Headwaters’ providers recognized that pulmonology is a much-needed specialty within the Queensbury area; and Saratoga Hospital Medical Group determined that their practice has the capacity to offer this service for Glens Falls and surrounding communities.

“These are strategic partnerships that make specialty care readily available to patients who’d otherwise have to travel beyond their community for these services,” said Angelo Calbone, Saratoga Hospital president and CEO.

“Easy access to specialists can make a world of difference in the health of patients with chronic conditions—especially when that care is delivered in partnership with a trusted provider like Hudson Headwaters,” he added. “We welcome opportunities to continue to share our expertise and have a positive impact on Hudson Headwaters’ patients and the community as a whole.”

The two organizations have worked together to design the space, ensuring that the specialists’ requirements are met, and that patients will be comfortable. Hudson Headwaters will configure and renovate 3,300 square feet throughout this summer. Once construction is complete, Saratoga Hospital pulmonologists will begin seeing patients that are referred by Hudson Headwaters providers, or by other providers within the local communities. The specialty service will be available to anyone, regardless of where their primary care physician is located.

The location provides important convenience for patients of Hudson Headwaters, and is centrally located for those with a primary care provider within the Glens Falls region. It is conveniently located off exit 18, provides ample parking, and offers an elevator for those who have trouble managing stairs.

This is one of Hudson Headwaters’ busiest health centers, with over 62,000 patient visits in 2018.

Construction is expected to be complete in the fall; patients will begin to be scheduled by late November.