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COVID-19 Vaccine update from our CEO 12/30

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COVID-19 Vaccines – A message from our CEO, Dr. Tucker Slingerland

Hudson Headwaters continues to work closely with public health officials to plan COVID-19 vaccine distribution. We understand and appreciate that many patients would like to know exactly when and how to access the vaccine. To help keep you informed, we will share regular updates via email and on our COVID-19 webpage as New York State Department of Health releases more detailed guidance on the next phases of vaccine administration.

We do not yet know the specific timeline for when we may offer vaccine appointments to patients and must follow NYS’s mandated plan. There is no “wait list” to join. For these reasons, there is no need to contact your provider or health center for a vaccine appointment at this time. We will continue to share updates and let you know when it is time for you to schedule your vaccine appointment.

For general COVID-19 vaccine information, visit the CDC’s FAQ as well as its page on Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines. For now, focus on prevention. Please continue to wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands.

The most important thing is to stay on top of your overall health and well-being. Telehealth and in-person appointments are available for all your other primary care needs. Please call your health center or make an appointment online.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

Tucker Slingerland, M.D.