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Hudson Headwaters Ranked Top 1 Percent of Health Centers in the Nation for Quality

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Hudson Headwaters Health Network has been recognized by the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as a National Quality Leader.

The organization has been ranked 10th in the nation for best overall clinical performance in 2018. This standing represents the top 1 percent of all federally qualified health centers in the United States, achieving the best overall clinical performance among the nation’s health centers. This recognition includes an award of $210,000 to be used for additional quality improvements.

Health centers are evaluated both nationally and within their state. Within New York, Hudson Headwaters Health Network was ranked second in the category of Health Center Quality Leaders, representing the top 3 percent for overall clinical performance.

According to Dr. Tucker Slingerland, Hudson Headwaters CEO, the recognition is important and appreciated because it reflects the everyday work of Hudson Headwaters employees, focused on making quality a priority. “The dedication of Hudson Headwaters Health Network staff, and their ongoing commitment to high quality patient care for everyone in our communities, results in this outstanding level of recognition.”

Hudson Headwaters’ staff consistently works to ensure that patients receive appropriate screenings and tests to help maintain and improve overall health and wellbeing – especially for those with certain health conditions. These include mammograms for women, blood pressure monitoring for patients diagnosed with high blood pressure, eye exams for those with diabetes, and certain cancer screenings. Patient outreach via phone calls, emails, and texts are conducted to educate patients about the importance of these tests and to encourage them to visit their primary care provider.

According to Linda Spokane, vice president, population health management at Hudson Headwaters, the awards represent the work that Hudson Headwaters does to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate care based on their specific needs. “We always work to identify specific health care requirements – they are, essentially, individualized for each patient,” she said. “For example, a woman who turns 50 this year requires different health screenings than a woman in her twenties.”

Hudson Headwaters Health Network also ranked fifth in the state for recognition as a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) which ensures that patient care is coordinated by a team of healthcare professionals. The team takes collective responsibility for comprehensive care for each patient, working with other health and wellness organizations, when necessary. These practices improve safety, enhance efficiency, lower costs, achieve enhanced reimbursement and improve quality of patient care.

Health Resources and Services Administration’s annual Quality Improvement Awards celebrate quality, efficiency, and value provided by the nation’s 1,273 federally qualified health centers. These awards recognize the highest performing health centers nationwide, along with those that have made significant quality improvement gains from the previous year.