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Hudson Headwaters Introduces New Model of Patient Care at West Mountain Campus

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]QUEENSBURY, NY (April 8, 2022) – Hudson Headwaters Health Network launched a new model of patient care at the West Mountain Campus in Queensbury. Known as team care, the cutting-edge approach is designed to deliver more personalized care for patients and improve work-life balance for health center staff.

In the team care model, each patient continues to have their primary care provider, but in addition, they are also assigned to a team of providers, nurses and administrative staff.  The entire team gets to know the patient so even if their primary care provider is unavailable, the patient can count on consistent, personalized care during their visit. The phone system, check-in and other processes have also been updated to provide a more efficient and streamlined experience.  Core teams are supported by behavioral health providers, care managers, clinical pharmacists and other specially trained staff. The model is designed to put the patient back at the center of their health care.

“This launch follows years of learning from innovative organizations that have successfully transitioned to team care,” explained Hudson Headwaters CEO Dr. Tucker Slingerland. “Though the new model of care is a big undertaking, we are building a better, sustainable system that benefits everyone. This approach is a result of patient and staff feedback and will enhance the patient-provider experience.”

“This is truly a win for the patient and a win for the staff,” says Bill Borgos, M.D., chief medical officer. “The modern health care experience has become complex, with much time spent filling out forms, documenting care and navigating computer systems. The team care model emphasizes human connection and enables more uninterrupted time to answer questions and build relationships.”

Hudson Headwaters West Mountain campus is the first to transition to the new model. To support the change, West Mountain-based primary care doctors and staff are now located at West Mountain Family Health, previously known as West Mountain Health Services, Building 2.  West Mountain Specialty Care, previously known as West Mountain Health Services, Building 1, now houses services and programs including the Hudson Headwaters HIV/Ryan White program, Hepatitis C program, the Homeward Bound/Pathways program for seniors as well as nephrology, podiatry, neurology, sports medicine, skin lesion evaluation and rheumatology services. Hudson Headwaters Moreau Family Health will be the next to launch team care on April 25, with other Hudson Headwaters health centers to follow.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]