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Your Gift Matters

Your gift helps us provide nonprofit health care to everyone in the many communities we serve throughout Upstate New York, more than 80,000 people each year. Hudson Headwaters provides more than a million dollars annually in charitable care and prescription discounts to low-income patients. Our pharmacy assistance program helps patients with high-cost, brand name prescription medications that they would otherwise go without. Hudson Headwaters is an economic engine for the region and the largest private employer in its Adirondack communities. In all, Hudson Headwaters employs nearly 800 people at its 17 health centers and administrative offices.

Ways to Donate


A bequest to Hudson Headwaters is an investment in the future of health care in our Adirondack region–one that will help people for decades to come. Your will or living trust may earmark a fund in memory of a loved one or be made in remembrance of a physician or other medical professional who was especially helpful. You may also specify a percentage of your estate for Hudson Headwaters or direct the residue of your estate to pass to Hudson Headwaters after all specific bequests to family and friends have been satisfied. In addition, a bequest may be contingent upon the eventuality that some legatees may not survive you.

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Charitable Reminder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust and pooled life income fund may also be established by will or living trust. This allows you to provide substantially for both Hudson Headwaters and the trust beneficiary (you or a loved one) by leaving an income stream that lasts for the rest of your life (or the beneficiary’s). Hudson Headwaters will receive the remainder upon the beneficiary’s death. We recommend working with an accountant or attorney experienced in estate planning to set up your trust and to explain the potential estate tax benefits.

Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities, both publicly traded and closely held, can often provide more advantages to a donor than a gift of cash. If you hold appreciated stock and want to use it as a means for supporting Hudson Headwaters, do not sell it. Instead, you can give the securities to Hudson Headwaters to avoid paying capital gains tax. If you sell the appreciated asset, you will become liable for a capital gains tax on the difference between what you paid for the asset and its current value, even if you donate the proceeds.

A gift of stock avoids capital gains tax on the stock and results in the maximum charitable deduction allowed. The fair market value of this gift (the average of the high and low value of the stock on the date it is received by Hudson Headwaters) is deductible in a given tax year up to 30% of a donor’s adjusted gross income or up to 50% of a donor’s adjusted gross income if the cost basis of the asset is used instead of the fair market value. The 50% election may be most advisable when a donor has unusually high income. Only gifts of stock held for more than one year should be considered for transfer in order for the donor to realize the maximum tax benefit.

Stock which has declined in value should be sold first and then the proceeds given as a gift to Hudson Headwaters, so that the donor can claim the loss and the charitable deduction as allowable for tax purposes.

For more information on gifts of stock, click here.

A Gift Through Life Insurance

A donor may name Hudson Headwaters Health Network as beneficiary, co-beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of an existing policy or add Hudson Headwaters as a remainder beneficiary.

A Gift of Real Estate

A donor may make a gift of a personal residence, income property or farm to Hudson Headwaters.

There are tax and financial benefits when you choose to make a gift to Hudson Headwaters. We encourage you to consult with an attorney or financial counselor regarding the latest rules and methods of giving that are most advantageous.

If you have questions, please call 518-761-0300 ext. 31112, or email our Foundation Director. You may donate by mail, at 9 Carey Road, Queensbury, NY 12804.

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