Due to the increased prevalence of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses in our community and staff, masks will be required for all staff, patients, and visitors of Hudson Headwaters Health Network facilities beginning Monday, January 15.

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``No one understands the health care needs of our patients better than the professionals working within our communities.``

Jim Himoff, donor

Hudson Headwaters Innovation Grant Program

The Innovation Grant Program is an internal initiative at the Network that supports innovative solutions to advance the mission and strategic vision of Hudson Headwaters.

Hudson Headwaters staff may apply to the Innovation Grant Program for seed money to pilot new projects and ideas that improve patient care, further sustainable operations or result in other positive impacts for the Network and our patients.  Since launching in Fall of 2017, more than $111,000 has been awarded.

Invests in the People and Programs Making a Difference

Click below to learn more about some of the exciting projects funded by the Innovation Grant Program:

CFH Empowering Teamwork
Provide an outside professional approach to team building and communication skills to improve staff morale and an enjoyable work environment.

Certified Lactation Consultant Training
Provide training for staff to become Certified Lactation Consultants at a multitude of sites. This will help with the goal of having every health center be breastfeeding-friendly throughout the Network.

Employee Referral Program
Implement an employee referral program to help reduce geographic recruitment challenges.

Pediatric-Friendly Hygiene Operatories
Create a friendly pediatric atmosphere in our hygiene and dental operatories.

Tip of the Spear
Provide an immersive experience for providers to see the impact of nutrition through their own health.

What to Expect the First Year
Purchase the book “What to Expect The First Year” to help new pediatric parents feel more supported and informed about what to expect during the first year of their child’s life.


AED and Defibrillator Simulators
Purchase a simulator to attach to either an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) or manual defibrillator to demonstrate how the AED or defibrillator works when used on a patient. This will enable staff to practice using this emergency equipment.


Simulation Manikins for Nursing Education
Purchase procure manikins to simulate urinary catheterization and blood pressure measurement. These manikins will improve nursing practice and patient outcomes.


baby bag and contentsBaby Bags for New Moms
Purchase branded Hudson Headwaters gear and health-related items for a new baby to create baby bags for new moms. The bags will be given to expecting moms and also include HHHN pediatric provider information for a smooth transition to a pediatric provider when the baby is born.


Parenting Education Materials
Purchase parenting books for Saranac Lake Health Center and provide them to parents encountering special situations, specifically co-parenting, children with developmental differences and mental health issues.



Qure4u – DriveUp for Mobile Health
Purchase Qure4u-DriveUp portable devices and one year of service for the Mobile Health Unit to provide more efficient and timely service.

Team-Based Approach to Diabetes Management at Warrensburg Health Center
Underwrite the creation of a pilot program at WHC using a team-based approach to improve glycemic control for a cohort of patients with an A1C over 9. The program will focus on educating our new residents, who will the take lead in this program.

Health Coaching App for Food Farmacy Program
Purchase a Health Coaching App for the Food Farmacy program to help address the challenge of how best to disseminate information like nutrition education to a large group of patients in multiple geographic locations. Allowing more frequent communication with an individual or a group of patients, tracking food consumption and physical activity and providing group support in an organized and meaningful way.

Plattsburgh Family Health ExteriorChildren’s Books
Purchase children’s books from a local bookstore for Plattsburgh Family Health to be able to offer a book to a child after a visit with the provider.


Diabetes Program Nurse Teaching Kit
Purchase supplies for 11 Diabetes Nurse Teaching Supply Kits that include medical and nutritional supplies to improve visual and hands-on patient education. They will be utilized by the 19 diabetes nurse champions in 11 health centers.



Champlain Family Health ExteriorHypertension Clinic
Establish a Hypertension Clinic in the Fall of 2020 at Champlain Family Health to provide home blood pressure monitors for patients who cannot afford them.


Domestic Violence Resources
Underwrite the development of regional Domestic Violence/Safety resources for patients, including but not limited to discreet brochures, palm cards, fake lip balms/other personal hygiene products.



Thermometers for families
Provide digital thermometers for any school-aged family in need at Champlain Family Health to assist schools in their reopening plan during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Infection Control Course for Licensed Nursing
Training and certification to allow HHHN to become an approved provider of the Infection Control Course for Nursing Staff. This course is required for nurses to attend every 4 years to maintain their RN or LPN licenses.


Amputation Prevention with Toe Blood Pressure Measurement
Purchase toe blood pressure monitors to use on patients with diabetes, in accordance with recommendations, to assess blood flow to the lower limb and determine amputation risk.


HHHN Hypertension Registry and Home Blood Pressure Monitoring
Provide a home blood pressure monitor to patients with financial barriers to be able to monitor their blood pressure at home and further assist providers in determining a diagnosis.


Core Values – Living them Everyday: A Pilot Program to embed Quality, Appreciation, Creativity and Sustainability into Hudson Headwaters’ Daily Culture
Provide funds for the pilot program designed to reward employees that are demonstrating their commitment to our Core Values – reinforcement that will be shared with the organization and promoted to become our normal culture.


Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Training
Purchase 4 licenses for the SonoSim Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) training program for Hudson Headwaters staff.


CPT Assistant Online
Provide access to AMA’s CPT Assistant online tool to help improve the compliance of our medical coding, help overturn denials which improve revenue, validate our coding to outside auditors which reduces penalties and refunds, and help educate our medical staff and revenue cycle department.

Staff and Provider Training for Team-Based Care pilot project
Underwrite Team-Based Care training for essential staff and providers at Warrensburg Health Center.

Bright Ideas Program Recognition
Purchase rewards for staff whose “Bright Ideas” have been implemented within the Network.


HappyOrNot: Patient Satisfaction Trial
Provide funds to purchase six HappyOrNot Smiley Touch terminals to measure patient satisfaction for an eight-week trial in four health centers.


Palliative Care: Family Support Material for End-of-Life Decision
Provide funds to purchase Palliative Care family education materials to support difficult end-of-life decisions.





VitalTalk Workshop: Mastering Tough Conversations *Funded in 2019 as well
Underwrite the cost of a VitalTalk Workshop to promote communication skills for more effective patient-centered care for HHHN providers.





Employee Wellness Training Pilot
Underwrite the cost of piloting an eight-week wellness training series as an investment in workforce wellness and in support of the network strategic goal(s) to improve our ability to recruit, retain, and develop our team(s).

Breakfast with the CEO
Provide funds for an informal, relaxed opportunity with HHHN’s CEO, President, and staff in the health centers to learn about new initiatives at the Network and work to improve communication.

Provider Support Group Project
Combat provider burnout by establishing a biweekly anonymous facilitated support group for physicians, run by experienced behavioral health providers, to provide a forum for health care providers to address their unique stressors and concerns.

Center for Sexuality Education Annual Sexual Education Conference 2017
Underwrite the cost for Ryan White team members to attend the annual Center for Sexuality Education Conference 2017 (CSEC17) to enhance professional development in several current sexual health areas and allow the Ryan White team to better serve our patients and community.


Clinitek Analyzers
Purchase updated POC (point of care) tests to an easy-to-use automated analyzer designed to deliver quick, accurate and reliable results.


National Diabetes Prevention Program Enhancement
Enhance the Network’s Diabetes Prevention Program by adding an additional layer of accountability and adding certified personal trainers to the program.


Patient Personal Hygiene Support
Purchase personal hygiene products and distribute them to some of the most at-risk patients enrolled in the Care Management Program to help them improve their overall wellness.


Patient Self-Management Support
Purchase self-management tools to provide to patients in need to assist in teaching self-management skills and increase the likelihood of success in meeting their treatment plans.


Puberty Book Distribution Project *Funded in 2018 as well
Purchase the American Medical Association’s puberty books for boys and girls for HHHN’s northern health centers, not previously included in CAPP program, to expand pediatric patient knowledge about their changing bodies and facilitate conversations about healthy and positive outcomes for adolescents.


Ryan’s Corner *Funded in 2018 as well
A small resource center providing immediate basic essential needs for HIV+ patients living in poverty, to increase patient engagement in their medical care plan, improve overall patient health and result in a positive impact on the Ryan White program and Network quality measures.


Toilet Talk
Provide funds to create posters containing information aimed at increasing knowledge and raising awareness on reproductive health issues (risk factors, preventive measures and/or resources and supports) in a tasteful and appropriate manner.