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Family Practice
Michael Adams, MD
Robert Beaty, MD
Michael Bell, MD
William Borgos, MD
Harriet Busch, MD
Nicole Cerklewich, DO
Glen Chapman, MD
Candice Ciolac, MD
Anne Corey, MD
Margarita De Federicis, MD
Jennifer Donovan, DO
Kenneth France, MD
Michael Fuller, MD
Jessica King, DO
Daniel Larson, MD
Kyle Leonard, MD
Elizabeth Maher, MD
Richard McKeever, MD
James North, MD
Robert Orr, III, DO
Kathleen Pangia Huestis, MD
William Parker, MD
Thomas Portuese, MD
John Quaresima, MD (Sept 2016)
Mark Quaresima, MD
Maurice Racine, MD
John Rugge, MD
D. Tucker Slingerland, MD
Bryan Smead, MD
Roslyn Socolof, MD
Noelle Stevens, MD
Jennifer Stratton, MD
Sarah Thompson, MD
Todd Waldorf, DO
Daniel Way, MD
Infectious Diseases
Mary Clarisse Kilayko, MD
Alisa Markwith, FNP (ID)
Jennifer Rowley, MD
Kristin Williford, PA-C
Internal Medicine
Paul Bachman, MD
Suzanne Bergin, DO
Suzanne Blood, MD
William Cleaver, MD
Melissa Decker, MD
Christopher Hoy, MD
Mary Clarisse Kilayko, MD
James Morrissey, MD
Suzanne Rayeski, DO
Jennifer Rowley, MD
John Sawyer, MD
Nawed Siddiqui, MD
Howard Silverberg, MD
Danushan (Dan) Sooriabalan, MD
Jacquelyn Buckley, PA-C
Michael Celotti, DO
Catherine DelSignore, MD
Irene Flatau, MD
Christina Kay, FNP
Eugene McTiernan, MD
Gregory Runkel, MD
Elias Socolof, MD
Joel Solomon, MD
Women's Health Care
Jamie Benway, MD
Lynette Biss, CNM
Susan Brown, CNM
Sereena Coombes, MD
Edward (Ted) Denious, MD
Gabriela Diaz, CNM
Danielle Goertzen, MD
Terri Jones-Kingman, NP
Kathryn Kernan, CNM, MSN
Carwyn Kruler (Sposit), CNM
Karen McShane, MD
Jessica Nelson, WHNP
Douglas Provost, MD
Colleen Quinn, MD
Anne Soucy, MD
Corinne Stasko, CNM
Physician Assistant
Amanda Abrams, PA-C
Glen Anderson, PA-C
Suzanne Barth, PA-C
Robert Berrick, PA-C
William Conner (skin), PA-C
Joanne Cooper, PA-C
Robert Cross, PA-C
Ellen Deprey, PA-C
Sarah Durkee, PA-C
Joanna Erwin, PA-C
Shannon Evellis (Evens), PA-C
Kasandra Frasier, PA-C
James Gabler, PA-C
Laurie Gates, PA-C
Lauren Gush, PA-C
Magdeline Inzerilli, PA-C
Christopher Jackson, PA-C
Lynn Keil, PA-C
Kelly Knill, PA-C
Angela Meraz, PA-C
Scott Miller, PA-C
Gwen Morris-Dickinson, PA-C
Gary Raga, PA-C
Michael Rumbutis, PA-C
Kate Sauer-Jones, PA-C
Julie Steele-Goodwin, PA-C
Wendy Steinhacker, PA-C
Patricia Stevenson, PA-C
Sarah Walton, PA-C
Tom Warrington, PA-C
Kristin Williford, PA-C
Christopher Wolfe, PA-C
Nurse Practitioners
Rita All, FNP
Patricia (Patti) Auer, DNP
Michael Bailey, FNP
Lia Braico, FNP (Sept 2016)
Sean Campanie, NP
Jacqueline DeCunzo, ANP
Alicia Earley, NP
Felicia Heber, FNP
Sarah Howell, FNP
Christina Kay, FNP
Alisa Markwith, FNP
Marilyn McClure, FNP
Kristine Miller, NP
Denise Richard, FNP
Sheryl Salerno, FNP
Sharon Shannon, MSN, FNP
Eileen Spinelli, RN, ANP
Courtney Stewart, ANP
Madison Zuis, FNP
Behavioral Health
David Alloy, PhD
Samantha Caruso, Psy.D.
Valerie Cummins, NPP
Jamie Ellis, NPP
Julie Fisher, LCSW-R
Katy Fuller, LCSW-R
Michelle Gabay, MSN, NPP
Suzanne Hackert, LCSW-R
Richard Jack, LCSW-R
Thomas Lusignan, LCSW
Karen Marden, MSW, LCSW-R
Christopher O'Brian, LCSW
Donna Sauer-Jones, LCSW-R
Michael Slome, MD (internal consults only)
Holly Spire, LCSW
Gail Stern, NPP
Beverly Symonds, LCSW-R
Suzanne Tomb, LCSW-R
Erik Istre, MD
Frances Bollinger, MD
Christopher Hoy, MD
Nicole Cerklewich, DO
Jessica King, DO
David Paska, PA-C
Richard Saunders, MD
James Todt, PA-C
Matthew Dickson, MD
Sean Kennedy, DO
A. Joshuah Antilles, MD
Daniel Burke, MD
Daniel Chernoff, MD
Richard Dimick, MD
Karen Ernst, MD
David Kelly, MD
David Markowitz, MD
Marc Meacham, MD
Thomas Quaresima, MD
William Reynolds, MD
Christine Rowe-Button, MD
Daniel Sablich, MD
Sports Medicine
Daniel Larson, MD
James Todt, PA-C
Rustom Rastinehad, MD
Michelle Kisiel-Cohen, DMD
Richard Portuese, DDS
Paul Rizzo, DDS
Jackie Avery, DPM
Timothy Culliton, DPM
Timothy Duffy, DPM (Oct 2016)
Vascular Services
W. John Byrne, MD
Jena Hart, MS, RD
Diabetes Education
Emily Hammond, RN, CDE
Urgent Care - Broad Street
(U) Amanda Abrams, PA-C
(U) Robert Beaty, MD
(U) Sean Campanie, NP
(U) Joanne Cooper, PA-C
(U) Elizabeth Crawford, PA-C
(U) Sarah Durkee, PA-C
(U) Alicia Earley, FNP
(U) Joanna Erwin, PA-C
(U) Erica Fish-Merrill, DO
(U) Kenneth France, MD
(U) Kasandra Frasier, PA-C
Michael Gumuka, MD
(U) Lauren Gush, PA-C
(U) Felicia Heber, FNP
(U) James Hicks, MD
(U) Magdeline Inzerilli, PA-C
(U) Lori Killon, PA-C
(U) Alisa Markwith, FNP
(U) James McDonough, PA-C
(U) Robert McKenna, PA-C
(U) Angela Meraz, PA-C
(U) Scott Miller, PA-C
(U) Carrie Miron, PA-C
(U) Gwen Morris-Dickinson, PA-C
(U) David Paska, PA-C
(U) Andrew Paszko, PA-C
(U) Thomas Portuese, MD
(U) Denise Richard, FNP
(U) Patricia Stevenson, PA-C
(U) Sarah Walton, PA-C
(U) Kristin Williford, PA-C
(U) Madison Zuis, PA-C
Urgent Care - Warrensburg
(U) Amanda Abrams, PA-C
(U) Michael Adams, MD
(U) Sean Campanie, NP
(U) Abigail Charter, PA-C
(U) Jessica Crane, PA-C
(U) Elizabeth Crawford, PA-C
(U) Kasandra Frasier, PA-C
Michael Gumuka, MD
(U) Lauren Gush, PA-C
(U) James Hicks, MD
(U) James Hindson, MD
(U) Magdeline Inzerilli, PA-C
(U) Lori Killon, PA-C
(U) James McDonough, PA-C
(U) Robert McKenna, PA-C
(U) Carrie Miron, PA-C
(U) David Paska, PA-C
(U) Andrew Paszko, PA-C
(U) Denise Richard, FNP
(U) Kate Sauer-Jones, PA-C
(U) Kristin Williford, PA-C
James Yovanoff, MD


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