ALERT -- Health Center on Broad Street patients: Road construction is underway on Broad Street in Glens Falls. Please use Hudson Avenue entrance. Health Care Centers > Health Center On Broad Street (Glens Falls)
100 Broad Street, PO Box 112
Glens Falls, NY 12801
(518) 792-2223
Fax: 792-8231
Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 8:30pm
Sat - Sun: 9 am - 5 pm
Mon - Fri (Blood Draw): 7:30am-Noon; 12:30-3:00pm
The Health Center on Broad Street serves people of all ages. We welcome you to be a part of our family -- at this or any center of the Hudson Headwaters Health Network. Our pediatric, adult and family medicine practitioners provide comprehensive primary health care services. A wide array of specialty and ancillary services are also available to Network patients. The services available at this location are listed below.

* Family Practice
* Internal Medicine
* Infectious Disease
* Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
* Preventive Medicine, Physicals, Immunizations and Cancer Screenings
* Women's Health Care
* Urgent Care and Same Day Appointments
* Minor Surgery
* Lab Tests
* Imaging (X-ray)
* Behavioral Health (Counseling)
* Podiatry
* Hospital and Home Visits
* Nursing Home Care
* Social Work/Case Management
* Pharmacy (on-site)
Provider Staff:
  Family Practice
Robert Beaty, MD
James North, MD
William Parker, MD
Thomas Portuese, M.D.
Noelle Stevens, MD
  Infectious Diseases
Mary Clarisse Kilayko, MD
Jennifer Rowley, MD
  Internal Medicine
Mary Clarisse Kilayko, MD
Jennifer Rowley, MD
Irene Flatau, MD
Gregory Runkel, MD
  Physician Assistant
Laurie Gates, RPA-C
Scott Miller, RPA-C
  Nurse Practitioners
Alisa Markwith, FNP
  Behavioral Health
Donna Abram-Cioppa, LCSW-R
Victoria McAllister, NPP
Jacqueline Tyner, LCSW
David Paska, RPA-C
Timothy Culliton, DPM
  Urgent Care - Broad Street
Joanne Cooper, RPA-C
Elizabeth Crawford, RPA-C
Sarah Durkee, RPA-C
Alicia Earley, FNP
Erica Fish-Merrill, DO
Kenneth France, MD
Lauren Gush (Dinsmore), RPA-C
James Hicks, MD
Magdeline Inzerilli, RPA-C
Lori Killon (Indelicato), RPA-C
Paul Markessinis, MD
Alisa Markwith, FNP
James McDonough, RPA-C
Carrie Miron, RPA-C
Gwen Morris-Dickinson, RPA-C
David Paska, RPA-C
Andrew Paszko, RPA-C
Patricia Schmitt, RPA-C
Kristin Williford, RPA-C
  Urgent Care - Warrensburg
Lauren Gush (Dinsmore), RPA-C
Magdeline Inzerilli, RPA-C
Lori Killon (Indelicato), RPA-C
James McDonough, RPA-C
Carrie Miron, RPA-C
David Paska, RPA-C
Andrew Paszko, RPA-C
Kristin Williford, RPA-C


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Hudson Headwaters Health Network is a Federal 330 Health Center Program grantee under 42 USC 254b, and deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 USC 233 (g)-(n).

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