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Health Center Plaza - 3767 Main Street
Warrensburg, NY 12885
(518) 623-2844
FAX: 623-2476
Mon - Sat: 8am - 8pm
(July/Aug: 'til 9pm)
Sunday: 9am - 5pm
Mon - Fri:

The Warrensburg Health Center serves people of all ages. We welcome you
to be a part of our family -- at this or any center of the Hudson
Headwaters Health Network. Our pediatric, adult and family medicine
practitioners provide comprehensive primary health care services. A
wide array of specialty and ancillary services are also available to
Network patients. The services available at this location are listed

* Family Practice
* Internal Medicine
* Infectious Disease
* Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
* Preventive Medicine, Physicals, Immunizations and Cancer Screenings
* Women's Health Care (including Obstetrics, Gynecology and Midwifery)
* Urgent Care and Same Day Appointments
* Minor Surgery
* Lab Tests and Imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound, Mammography)
* Cardiology (Heart)
* Orthopedics (Bones & Joints)
* Gastroenterology (Stomach & Intestines)
* Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat)
* Behavioral Health (Counseling)
* Podiatry
* Urology (Urinary Tract)
* Nutrition (Dietary Counseling)
* Hospital and Home Visits
* Nursing Home Care
* Social Work/Case Management
* Dentistry
* Pharmacy

Please note that Dentistry and the House Calls Pharmacy are located
adjacent to the Warrensburg Health Center in the Albert R. Tucker
Clinical Services Center. Appointments for dental services can be made
by calling 623-3918.
Provider Staff:
  Family Practice
Michael Bell, MD
John Rugge, MD
  Internal Medicine
Paul Bachman, MD
Suzanne Bergin, DO
James Morrissey, MD
Christina Kay, FNP
Eugene McTiernan, MD
  Women's Health Care
Susan Brown, CNM
Sereena Coombes, MD
Edward (Ted) Denious, MD
Kathryn Kernan, CNM, MSN
  Physician Assistant
William Conner (skin), RPA-C
Christopher Jackson, RPA-C
Angela Meraz, PA-C
Sarah Walton, RD, CDN, PA
  Nurse Practitioners
Christina Kay, FNP
Kristine Miller, NP
  Behavioral Health
David Alloy, PhD
Julie Fisher, LCSW-R
Michelle Gabay, MSN, NPP
Thomas Lusignan, LCSW
Donna Sauer-Jones, LCSW-R
Michael Slome, MD
Richard Saunders, MD
James Todt, RPA-C
Matthew Dickson, MD
Sean Kennedy, DO
  Sports Medicine
James Todt, RPA-C
Rustom Rastinehad, MD
Timothy Culliton, DPM
Jena Hart, MS, RD
  Urgent Care - Broad Street
(U) Amanda Abrams, RPA-C
(U) Sean Campanie, MSN, NP
(U) Kasandra Frasier, PA-C
(U) Lauren Gush, RPA-C
(U) Magdeline Inzerilli, RPA-C
(U) Lori Killon, RPA-C
(U) Paul Markessinis, MD
(U) James McDonough, RPA-C
(U) Angela Meraz, PA-C
(U) Carrie Miron, RPA-C
(U) David Paska, RPA-C
(U) Andrew Paszko, RPA-C
(U) Denise Richard, MS, FNP
(U) Kristin Williford, RPA-C
  Urgent Care - Warrensburg
(U) Amanda Abrams, RPA-C
(U) Michael Adams, MD
(U) Sean Campanie, MSN, NP
(U) Abigail Charter, RPA-C
(U) Jessica Crane, RPA-C
(U) Kasandra Frasier, PA-C
(U) Lauren Gush, RPA-C
(U) James Hindson, MD
(U) Magdeline Inzerilli, RPA-C
(U) Lori Killon, RPA-C
(U) Paul Markessinis, MD
(U) James McDonough, RPA-C
(U) Carrie Miron, RPA-C
(U) David Paska, RPA-C
(U) Andrew Paszko, RPA-C
(U) Denise Richard, MS, FNP
(U) Kate Sauer-Jones, MS, RPA-C
(U) Kristin Williford, RPA-C
  Diabetes Education
Emily Hammond, RN, CDE

Health Center Advisory Committee

Committee Supervisor(s)
Kevin Geraghty
Town of Warrensburg
Town Hall
Warrensburg, NY 12885
(518) 623-9511
Committee Members
Joe Barlow
Jean Cronin
David Moynehan
Barb Orton
John Palermo, Jr.
Laddie Toney


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